Manual indicator and fully automated indicator.

Every trade is protected by stop-loss

You can use default settings or pick your own.

No dangerous money management

No martingale or grid type of trading!

Easy to setup and use

Place the software on the chart and pick your trading mode.

Fully Flexible

G-Scalper indicator is professionally accurate like a greatly compounded system based on modern and classic indicators and filters. It produces signals that DO NOT repaint, move or change their place in history. Any signal goes along with a notification or push alert or email – just pick up what you need. But having signals with alerts sound like a common manual style while we offer trying a new trading approach – starting from the flexible algorithm to auto trading option.

Designed for Scalping and Daytrading!

G-Scalper indicator was fully developed for typical daytrading and scalping. It works on M1 / M5 / M15 timeframes.

Detailed W/R Data Available!

G-Scalper can be fully adjusted to your risk appetite.

If you are more advanced trader, you can also modify settings and check WIN/LOSS ratio based on the last 30 trades in a second! 



G-Scalper has two types of signals – type A and type B. You may switch
between styles in one click and visually see the difference. Each style has own strategy and main
purpose to keep G-Scalper always on good level.


This option allows to filter trades by “Global” trend or by using narrow time filter for example.

If you click on “USE” – you will enable trend filter and all future trades will be open in same direction with filter.


Price levels is well knows option and quite popular among traders. You may set any bars quantity and visually see main and
most frequent price levels. You may use it in own analytics.


This feature provides trader with trading statistics:

  • WL10 and WL30: win/loss ratio for latest 10/30 signals
  • DD10 and DD30: average drawdown of latest 10/30 signals before it comes to profit
  • STRATEGY: current signal’s strategy
  • MARKET: Good/Normal/Bad – this is short review of Market
    conditions based on analytics.


Ready for ANY type of Market!

G-Scalper works with all major pairs and М1-М5-M15 Timeframes. The software has exclusive features related to its performance and interface.


We offer an ideal solution for manual or auto trading with the intuitive interface and accurate signals. We also provide a professional support at any time. If you ever considered trading, it is the right time to start with our G-Scalper system! In case you have any doubts left, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • - Auto / Manual Style Software
  • - All Types of Notifications
  • - Detailed PDF Manual
  • - Advanced Interface
  • - Semi Auto Trading
  • - Pin or Hide Panel
  • - Auto-Pilot Control
  • - Signals Filtration
  • - Safe Algorithm
  • - 24/7 Support