S/R Zones

S/R Zones is a highly advanced indicator that draws automatically the support/resistance (S/R) zones and trend lines. A really classic and essential tool. It works with a completely unique calculation method!

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Designed for all type of traders

Usable for any type of market from fast scalping to swingtrading.


Easy to use

Our software will help you read the charts in simple way.


Full versatility

The method can be used on every time interval and every trading instrument available on the MT4 platform.

Main Features


- Automatically draws support/resistance zones
- Automatically draws trend lines
- Displays the broken, but still actual trend lines (dotted lines)
- Adjustable intervals for S/R zones and trend lines (number of bars)


Calculates and displays the followings:
- The range of the support/resistance zones (in points)
- The 'weight' of the S/R zones (the higher value the more significant zone)
- The distance between two adjacent zones (in points)
- The length of the trend lines (number of bars)
- The number of touches of the trend lines (the higher value the more significant line)
- Indicates whether there is no more S/R zones in the given direction (with an arrow)


- Selectable sensitivity (2 grades)
- Adjustable trend line style
- Automatically calculates the colors of S/R zones from the chart's background color (very convenient feature)
- Color settings for trend lines

full versatile

We offer an ideal solution for manual trading with the intuitive interface and accurate signals. We also provide a professional support at any time. If you ever considered trading, it is the right time to start with our software!
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Our indicator is perfect for typical Price Action Trading. It can be also used as 

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S/R Zones Indicator

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